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"Geometric and asymmetric aesthetics, juxtaposing philosophy, and more-than-garments soul."



Xingyuan Xu (b. 1994, China) graduated in 2016 from Parsons The New School of Design (NYC) with a bachelor degree in Fashion Design. Informed by her love for fine art and literature since young, she has developed an abstract and two-dimensional perspective of the world. When the complexity of perception and memory filters through, it turns into confrontations between spacing and density, asymmetry and balancing, as well as lines and colors which conceal and reveal each other in front of her. Xu's design materializes her perspective and brings it into three-dimensional garments. Featured this unique design process, her works are mostly results of a self-producing system rather than having a concrete reference like an established style or trend.

Xu's work was selected into Parsons BFA 2016 Fashion Show, displayed at Saks Fifth Ave, covered by The Impression, WWD, Schön! Magazine, Risk Magazine and FGUK Magazine, and published on Sicky Magazine and Photo Vogue.


Named after the designer, XINGYUAN XU's founding (since 2016) is based on the idea of "becoming"— it is moving parallel but without intermingling with the times. XINGYUAN XU refuses to be defined and refuses to repeat itself visually. It is the antithesis to things "that have been created, known and categorized".

Vision of XINGYUAN XU: A person with invisible personalities. Identity is separate from her past, education, or cultural background. Her stereotypes are erased, leaving mysterious silence to be explored. She is the mixture of many elements, while she is also the blank space that can look like anything but doesn’t belong to anywhere. She does not fit into any deceptive ideology, and she’s always wandering outside the everyday life that treasures simplicity. She carries in herself a reasonable amount of absurdity and theatricality without trying to.


徐星媛(b. 1994)生于中国南京,长于上海,于2016年本科毕业于纽约帕森斯设计学院服装设计专业。从小对于绘画及文学的喜爱使她看待世界形成一种平面抽象视角:复杂的感知和记忆经过这一视角过滤,变成疏密相间、不对称性与平衡感共存、线条和色彩相互隐藏又相互强调的世界。徐星媛的设计便是将她看见的这个世界带回具象现实,转化成为立体的服装。出于这一独特的创作过程,她的作品更像是一个同自我对话、自给自足的产物,而非源于某一风格或潮流的具体影响。

徐星媛的作品曾在帕森斯2016年度毕业秀上走秀,在纽约Saks Fifth Ave展出,并登上时尚媒体The Impression, WWD, 时尚杂志Schön! Magazine, Sicky Magazine, FGUK Magazine, Risk Magazine及Photo Vogue.


习惯于旁观周遭乃至自身,徐星媛于2016年成立的同名品牌XINGYUAN XU关键词在于“发生”:它是和这个时代并行,却保持一丝不融入,游离于“已存在、已熟悉、已被归类”以外,拒绝被标签裹挟前进,拒绝在视觉上重复自己。

XINGYUAN XU的精神形象是一个具有“空白气质”的人:她是多元杂糅的结果,剥离了成长环境、所受教育、浸染文化等留下的特征,身上可致先入之见的符号被一一冲破,留下的便是谜样的、与许多相似却不隶属任何的“空白”。她同那些虚张声势表明的立场格格不入,同时也长期徘徊于一个单一信奉“平淡是真”的生存形态的边缘。她的存在带着合理的荒诞和戏剧性,并不因此成为刻意。